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The Diminishing Jumbos

This short drone footage focuses on the importance of elephants, their threatened and diminishing corridors in India, their statistics and a message to save these corridors! A message from the Guardbook Conservation Foundation.

The Guardians of the Sundarban

The largest mangroves in the world, the Sunderban Biosphere has been conserved and protected by a very hard working and diligent work force. This is a celebratory teaser to these brave guards who work in one of the most dangerous and difficult terrains in the world. Feature documentary coming soon.

The Smiles of the Forest

The forest guards of Madhya Pradesh (MPF) work tirelessly day and night in extreme conditions to ensure the safety of our wildlife. Each day, undeterred they set foot in the most daunting environments, to patrol the forests, looking out for poachers, predators, walking long hours in scorching heat, biting cold, and torrential rains.They are the true keepers of the forest and know its secrets, its rivulets, and water holes, hiding places, vantage points. They watch over the wildlife, follow their movement, keep away human interference, and protect them from intruders. Their presence in the forest is the reason the tiger still survives. We never give a thought about the people who work day in, and day out, protecting these last pockets of wilderness. We do not know what goes on behind the scenes. We hardly know their lives; their hardships and what they do every day to ensure the tiger and other wildlife are safe in the forest. It is time we recognize their importance and work, and give them the support they deserve. This film is dedicated to the brave forest guards of India

The fathers of the Rhino!

Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India, has achieved notable success in wildlife conservation, and resurgence of the Great Indian One Horned Rhinocerous, and this credit goes to the dedicated workforce which has relentlessly worked over the years to protect the Rhinos and their habitat. This film is dedicated to all the forest guards and anti poaching camps which were critical to the success, and showcases some excerpts from their life.

The Elephant Camp_Kanha

A day in the life of the MPF forest guards at the elephant patrolling camp. This is a part of the documentary on the MPF "The Smiles of the Forest".

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