Touch the lives of forest guards in India, and help them derive happiness and recognition from their work.

Help the forest guards to save our forests. A lot of organizations work towards protecting the flora and fauna in our country. But the delivery of this aid is through the forest department. The forest guards ensure this at the grass root level. But they are hardly recognized for all their efforts in a highly daunting environment.

We aim to work closely with the forest department, in supporting the guard infrastructure with essential items such as, clothing + camping gear, equipment’s etc. which are extremely important for patrolling and enforcement leading to a higher morale boosting commitment and effectiveness in an otherwise thankless job. In the process try and help their families, to get a smile and happy moments into the forest guards and his family’s life.

What we do


The infrastructure support is to help the forest guards perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively. To uplift the morale of a force that is otherwise a very committed and diligent force, The GuardBook aims to provide infrastructure as below
- Patrol vehicles: 4x4 vehicles motorcycles
- Cameras for record keeping, and evidence collection
- GPS devices: for mapping the park and Binoculars
- Clothing (uniforms, boots, for all weather and extreme conditions: rain, winter, heat etc.)
- Miscellaneous camping gear during search and other patrol situations
- Insurance cover: medical cover to help them cope with illness inherited in this daunting environment and life insurance for sustenance of families.


FIELD KNOWLEDGE FOR IMPARTING DUTIES: Infrastructure without training would not help. Experts will be called to impart training on the following subjects:
- Field knowledge: Tracking, and study of fauna: Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Insects, census methods, Vegetation etc. depending on the scope of the work in the respective forest
- Legal: Wildlife Act, Rights of Villagers,.
- Enforcement: Interaction with police, correct/ effective methods of filing First Information Reports (FIRs) to ensure a higher rate of conviction, collection of evidence and handling of the same.
- Use of Fire Arms, First Aid etc.


Children education: Scholarships for the children, and infrastructure like school bags, books, kits etc.
Dynamo torches, house infrastructure like Solar Lights, blankets, cooking, utensils etc.

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11National Parks

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